The New CVID Awareness Challenge

Hi Everyone,

We have a new challenge that we hope will go viral much like the ALS Ice-Bucket Challenge did. Because CVID is a very rare disease, it has very little funding for research, and many doctors have never even heard of it. For that reason, Primary Immune (PI) disease patients started the Pie for PI Challenge. CVID is the most common disease under the PI umbrella, but there are over 250 different types of PI diseases. In order to do the challenge, get a pie pan full of pie or whipped cream and either throw it in your own face or have someone else do it to you. Make a video of the act and upload it to, Facebook, or other social media (make sure you set the post to public), share the video and challenge your friends to complete the do the same  in 24 hours. Please be sure to mention that financial donations can be made to the Immunde Deficiency Foundation (IDF) , the Jeffrey Moddell Foundation (JMF), or if you would prefer to donate plasma, then that would be appreciated too. For more information on the Pie for PI Challenge, please visit the Facebook page

Thanks for participating, and have fun!

Here’s Steve’s Pie for PI Challenge video:

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