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Here is my short CVID Story from a YouTube video I made. I hope you all enjoy!

My name is Steven Finch and I am 28 years old. I have struggled since I was a young child with infections. I would always get ear infections early on, and as I got older in to my teens I would get chronic sinus infections. I was never sure what to think? I was pretty sure it was not normal but I went along in life and did normal things that teenagers do. I played football in High School and I would always hurt from head to toe but I just thought it was normal. I was involved in Martial Arts for many years and I loved it. Once again I would always be in pain while putting pressure on my joints. As I got into my early Twenties things started to go down hill. I was getting sick more and I had less energy I would sleep Twelve hours and feel horrible. I suffered from major depression and panic attacks.

I was diagnosed with CVID (Common Variable Immunodeficency) back in 2010. The average person takes roughly Ten years to be diagnosed. I saw many doctors and nobody could come up with anything. Finally I went to Penn State Hershey Medical Center and they diagnosed me almost instantly. I currently do SubQ infusions in my stomach weekly. It has been a rough journey to get to where I am today, but I am alive! My goal is to fight for awareness for other people struggling with this disease. I struggle everyday to get up and to live my life. Somedays are easier then others but I try to stay positive and I try to do my part as a Zebra. Some people may think I take CVID to seriously but this is serious. I have seen what other people go through and I believe I can help change the way CVID is looked at.

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  1. Toni O'Connor says:

    Steve, thanks for doing this. I two have CVID. I am getting my IVIG now. I struggle every day as well. It is especially hard having a disease that no one can see. This disease has impacted my life tremendously. Thanks and I will try to keep contributing. Feel free to write back.

  2. Laura says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!!! Love the site! Fellow CVID’r myself over here. Your site is excellent, very easy to read, and does an excellent education on CVID and everything else that goes with it (the GI stuff, chronic pain in joints, etc). Great job, high praises. This site will hopefully help my family and friends understand with something thats easy to read. THANK YOU! And yes, I some believe I take CVID “too seriously” as well, but as a nurse, I believe and KNOW it IS a serious matter!

    -Laura B from Birmingham, AL

  3. Cathy Williamsom says:

    Thank you sooo much for doing this! I too have CVID and struggle everyday… I do sub-q infusions weekly using 4 sites. I wasn’t diagnosed until 2010 right before I turned 53 years young and this had been going on for years… I also have Lupus (SLE) that was diagnosed in 2005 I think.. I am so glad you talked about panic and anxiety as I still go through that although some of my anxiety turned out to be seizures they found out this past June so am on seizure meds too. I know exactly how it feels to be alone and no one understands.
    So thanks so much for doing this my fellow Zebra 🙂

  4. Tammy cruse says:

    Thank you! My 2 year old son can has CVID, and through these stories you give him a voice in order that I can take better care of him. What are reasons for his fatigue?


  5. Donetta says:

    Diagnosed in 2010
    Three years ivig
    Great web site

  6. Sarah says:

    Thank you for starting this website, it’s so difficult to find any support for us who have CVID. I am 25 and was diagnosed when I was 7 due to constant chronic infections. I received IVIG for ten years and switched to weekly SubQ treatments in 2007 due to concerns of renal failure. I lost my mother to complications associated with CVID at age 42 and live in fear for my daughter considering she has a 50% chance of developing it herself. All we can do is hope for the best and live to fight another day. Thank you for speaking up for us.

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